how to create a circular reveal in Android with Jetpack compose

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“Life is too short, no time to read” version, here is the code:

Whats is that?

This is an application of an activity, and I am going to try to explain, first, how to navigate from Home to SecondView and how to make a circular reveal animation in Jetpack compose

I’m not going to explain the navigation in detail, if you want to know more you can read this story, in which I use exactly the same idea:

This is the project structure:

The easiest way to implement Navigation and Jetpack Compose

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source: “

TL;DR version: Here is the GitHub repository

What is this?

navigation in a Jetpack Compose application, what I have here is a single activity application with 4 views, with the idea of keeping it simple as possible.

Basically this is a “Hello world” project, and have 3 sections

1.Raspberry Pi + DS18B20

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To check if the sensor is working properly, you can run this command:

$ cat > /sys/bus/w1/devices/28-000005f89b9a/w1_slave
$ 17812

2. Raspberry Pi + Firebase

Now we know that Raspberry is reading temperature, so now we can start, I decided to use Firebase, because it is easy to connect to different platforms with almost the same code, this is actually the first time I’m using Node.js, so, If you are a experienced NodeJs developer you could see a quite ugly code

// Security rules here, so…

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